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How to write a good BIO step-by-step: the “HOP” formula

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Last update : Apr. 6, 2021


How to find out what they’re looking for


Is your match really interested in you?

Always look for the "proof of interest"

A simple yet effective strategy to catch the right fish is to narrow down your matches to the ones who are only really interested in you.

Even if it means to delete all your current matches, never chase the matches that are not interested in you. It’s only going to bring you endless frustration.

Once realise this, you’ll easily recognize the good catches from your matches.

#1 - Make simple openers

With the first messages, you can’t find out yet if your match is interested in you. But you can find out if they aren’t!

At RRW, we don’t try to make super funny jokes when opening the conversation. Instead, we only send simple polite greetings to look for our first “proof of interest”

The absence of answer means they’re not really into making contact, so we move on.

Openers empty
Hi, nice to meet you ! 😉 Greetings Sarah ! 🙂 Hugh, nice to meet you 😉

#2- Make clear moves and wait

Once you’ve sent messages back and forth, it’s time to look for the next “proof of interest”: you want to find out if your match is making moves toward you.

In order to do that, we use the “balance” principle: once we have made a clear (and subtle) move (=they have understood we have made one), it’s their turn, and so on.

You can try these moves:

Ask their number and see if they continue to text you well afterwards.

Engage today’s conversation with a clear poke: “Mooorning, I hope you slept well last night. How’s your day going to be today ? ;)”. And see if they do the same kind of message later on (=engaging the conversation well).

Ask them out and make sure to put the word “date” in your sentence. They’re likely to be interested in you if it’s a clear “yes”. If not, they will tell things like: "yes but it’s just a meetup, no pressure!"

*PS: On the contrary, a match that shows too much interest in you (don’t stop making moves for example) is a red flag (see below).

#3 - "After-date": do the maths

If your match has passed the “balance test” (#2), you should have dated them by now. Welcome to the “after-date”!

The after-date is the moment of truth: are they still interested in you?

It’s actually simple, but you have to be completely honest with yourself: do they still have the same nice behaviour they have just before the date? To answer that, check these:

Number of messages they used to send.

Times of the day they used to send you messages.

Sense of humour they used to have when you were playful.

Now you have the keys to know if a match is really interested in you in all stages of your dating journey.

Use them to care only for those who are worth it.


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How to write a good BIO step-by-step: the “HOP” formula

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Safety tips
(from beginner to pro)

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How to know if your match is really interested in you