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How to write a good “Tinder BIO”: the “HOP” Formula

What are the best dating apps? How to choose the right one?

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Last update : Apr. 6, 2021


What is the “HOP” formula?

A step-by-step formula

At RRW, we believe that what matters most in a BIO is that it should provide empathy so your matches are really inclined to know you.

Therefore, we think that a good BIO should be informative, personal and humble (and of course not boring). Funny is just a bonus.

With our “HOP formula”, you’ll know how to describe yourself in 1/2 sentences tailored for dating apps.

Basic tips reminder for your profile

Before starting, here is a friendly reminder of DOs and DONTs (using our formula, or not) :


Examples of “Tinder BIOs” made with the formula



Before formula v2After formula v6

The secret

The concept underlying our formula is to forbid statements. Look closer: “befores” are statements whereas “afters” are more of prooves illustrating the statements.

Case 1What makes me a foodie? Having a lot of restaurant's number in my mobile's contacts does.

Case 2What makes me a traveler? Looking forward to cross countries with a backpack does.


Step #1
Write down what you want to say about yourself (1-2 words)

Define the theme you want to talk about

What do you want to disclose to your readers? What can make them interested in you?

Is it the fact that you like to dance salsas or is it the fact that you like to stroll during the night?

You won’t be able to write everything in your BIO so you have to choose carefully.


Step #2
Choose one of our 3 keys (H-O-P) to create your own lines

The goal

Our main goal is to make our match intrigued so they ask us questions about what we have written in our BIO.

For instance, if we read a profile with “I know an amazing place for Korean food“, we’re probably going to ask them: “What is this place? 🙂 “, because we’re intrigued.

This intrigue will provide us with seamless opening conversations, and therefore a better connection.

Tip : When you write your BIO, try to think about what your readers can ask you back. If you struggle, your line probably doesn’t intrigue enough.

The keys: H-O-P

"H" stands for "Handy"

"O" stands for "Open-minded"

"P" stands for "Poet"

We provide you with 3 unique strategies to easily build a BIO that works. Choose the one you are the most comfortable with:

  • H: imply to your readers you are handy.
  • O: imply to your readers you are open-minded.
  • P: imply to your readers you can be a poet.
"H": Show you're handy (our go-to key)

Someone handy will always be welcome and therefore “liked”. Try to write something about your passion that makes you handy.

The difficult parts: You need to pick something really useful (1). You don’t want to sound arrogant (2).

"O": Be open, ask for advice

It’s humble and always legit to ask for advice. Not many people use this strategy, but it’s an effective and seamless conversation starter to use with your matches.

The difficult part: You really need to avoid being boring: create a context for your request, write something that justifies it. Also, don’t be generic, be specific.

"P": Write a poem

If you feel like a poet, you can try this: write 3 to 5 lines that start with the exact same words. The repetition will make your BIO somehow poetic.

The difficult part: You need to do long sentences and be specific: avoid less than 4 word sentences, e.g. “I like Food” or “I love to travel”.

How to avoid being boring

You need to follow one rule when writing your lines : Don’t be generic, be specific.



Before formula not boring v3After formula not boring v4

Step #3
Combine the lines you like most

You're good to go!

You should have been able to come up with nice lines as you read this. Try them out asap and tell us how people react to them!

PS: You can combine your lines by using a simple line break. But we suggest you use no more than 2/3 lines because we want to intrigue, not make a monologue.


An easy way to show your passions

Really Really Want's toolbar

If you don’t want to think about how to write about your passions, you can just show them on your Really Really Want’s profile. More info

What are the best dating apps? How to choose the right one?

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How to spot the right catch in the crowd? (and red flags)

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How to write a good dating bio - The HOP formula