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What are the best dating apps? How to choose the right one?

How to write a good BIO step-by-step: the “HOP” formula

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Last update : Apr. 6, 2021


Which dating apps are totally free?

Totally free v4Not free v6

*There are a lot more apps available, from Her (for homosexual women) to Raya (an exclusive app). We have narrowed them down to keep only the most popular ones.

*(Facebook Dating is too recent to make a review)


Which apps are popular? What are they used for?

The most popular dating apps

The most popular dating apps have 6 things in common :

  1. 100% trully free ;
  2. No fake profiles (+/-)
  3. No ads (+/-)
  4. Intuitive and easy to use
  5. Quick setup
  6. Global (+/-)
All dating apps
*Every other app lacks at least one of the above items. For example, Badoo and Lovoo are full of ads which ruins the user experience.

What they are known for

Really Really Want

Apps key features
(besides getting matches)


Which app is right for you?

For serious relationships

Really Really Want provides an efficient tool (secret filters) to know what your match is really looking for.

OkCupid users can have very detailed profiles thanks to questions integrated in their profiles. It can help to make better matches.

Hinge has no special tool but has a slogan focused on serious relationships.

For friendships

Really Really Want focuses on finding people who have the same passions/interests. In addition, its secret filters help its users to find real friend-oriented people.

OkCupid offers its users an exhaustive way to describe themselves. You can find people who have the same passions/insterests if you’re not afraid of digging into profiles’ details.

Hinge is meant for people who are looking for a long-term relationship. This context helps to become friends if things don’t work out between you and your match.

For hookups

Tinder is basically for hookups since likes are purely based on pictures. The huge amount of users also makes its users less serious.

Happn, like Tinder, has no special features to help find long-term relationships.

Really Really Want‘s secret filters allow its users to secretely find people who also want hookups. Besides, the filters make things extra clear uppon matching.

For travelers

Tinder’s Passport is the best feature you can have at the moment if you plan to travel and go out once there. Besides, Tinder users are usually eagger to go out.

Bumble, like Tinder, has a huge amount of users around the globe. It lets you use one app wherever you are located.

Happn is not as crowded as Tinder but has a good amount of users worlwide.

For straight women

Bumble is unique with its “ladies make the first move” thing. It allows women to have a second level of security when matching.

Hinge has a super friendly user interface. Also, the liking system is slower than likes through swipes. All that make you feel safe when using the app.

Really Really Want‘s secret filters allow women to know what their match is really looking for, making it useful to filter people they don’t want.

For straight men

Hinge‘s users can always send a message along with their likes. It means you can stand out from the crowd and make a good impression with a nice opener.

OkCupid allows its users to send a message along with their likes too. Besides, completing your profile can make a good impression too if you get high compatibility scores.

Bumble users have unlimited number of likes (we see you guys). Also, the fact that ladies have to do the first move is pretty useful for men : a woman who sends you a message means she really wants to talk to you.

For gays / lesbians

Grindr (men) and Her (women) are the most popular gay and lesbian dating apps at the moment.

How to write a good BIO step-by-step: the “HOP” formula

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The infographic

The 6 best free dating apps - How to choose the right one