Frequently asked questions

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For an overview of dating apps, we have written a dedicated guide: the IDAG (interactive dating apps guide).

About RRW

What is RRW?

Really Really Want (RRW) is a dating app that takes the guessing out of dating.

It is designed to match people who have the same expectations, whether it’s for a long-term relationship, a friendship, a hookup, or even just to get a drink.

It is also designed to find people who have the same passions, hobbies, and/or personality traits.

How are we different from Tinder and other dating apps?

On RRW, people cannot lie about what they are looking for.

Users can select up to 2 secret filters (out of 6) when they use a Like on another user: Get a drink, Friendship, Hookup, Long-term relationship, Short-term, Open relationship.

2 users can match if they have at least one filter in common.

But if they have no filter in common, they can never match, meaning they won’t be able to discuss.

Thanks to this unique matching mechanism, people can’t lie about what they are looking for. (If they want to lie, they miss a chance to match with someone who would have the same expectation)

In addition, users can adjust their secret filters according to each new profile they choose to like.

Can I use RRW only to find friends?

Thanks to the secret filters, users can find real friend-oriented people.

Since users can only select 2 filters (out of 6): if someone chooses “Friendship“, it means that they are really looking forward to it.

Is RRW free?

RRW is totally free to use: you can create an account, like profiles, match with them, and send/receive messages for free.

Only the number of Likes is daily limited.

RRW Premium allows you to have unlimited Likes and access to more Super Likes.

Where can I use RRW?

RRW can be used anywhere with an internet connection.

But since RRW is fairly new, the number of users can vary from country to country.

Why is RRW absent from Google and Apple stores?

RRW is a “Progressive Web App“. As such, it cannot be listed on stores like Google Play or the App Store.

Though, a progressive web app can be installed on your device as if it was a “Native App” downloaded on Google Play or the App Store.

To install the app on your home screen, log into your account and click on “Install the app“.

Why can't I get matches? (Difference with other dating apps)

RRW is based on filters. You can match with someone who liked you back only if you have at least one filter in common.

You are then less likely to get matches than any other dating apps.

But this system allows users to know what their match is really looking for.

How to use rrw

On which devices can I use RRW?

With an internet connection, RRW can be used on any device: smartphones, tablets,  computers, etc.

How to install RRW on my mobile?

RRW can be installed on the home screen of your smartphone as if you had installed an app from Google Play or the App Store.

To install the app on your smartphone, log into your RRW’s account and click on “Install the app“.

How to chat with other users?

If you’re interested in a profile you encountered on RRW, you have to match with them before you can chat with them.

To match with someone, you have to use a Like (or a Super Like) on their profile and choose at least one secret filter.

If they Like you back, with at least one filter in common, you will match with them and be able to chat with them in the “Messages” section.

Do other users know when I use a LIKE on them?

No, using a LIKE on a profile page is private. The LIKE is only revealed if there is a mutual LIKE.

Sending a SUPER LIKE will be visible by the recipient.

What are "SUPER LIKES"? What are they for?

A “Super Like” allows you to notify a user that you are interested in them.

Additionally, this user can choose up to 6 secret filters when reviewing your profile. It allows them to select all 6 filters in order to be sure to match with you.

(The Super Like a user receives can be used only to match with you, and not to other profiles)

How can I delete my account ?

You can delete your account at anytime, no questions asked.

Just go to the settings in your account and click on “Delete account“.

Upon deletion, all your data is immediately deleted from our servers (including your purchases).

How can I suggest a hobby?

We have created a special tool for you to suggest passions, hobbies, personality traits, etc. you want included to see in the RRW app.

We will consider every suggestion.